TrashGuardz© Custom Fit Solutionstrashrack

We specialize in trashrack solutions. However, TrashGuardz© are no ordinary trashrack. TrashGuardz© combine an innovative design solution suitable for most stormwater BMP outlet structures with the ability to fabricate custom-fit items- this is the TrashGuardz© advantage. Our innovative design approach allows us to offer a low-cost, high-quality product that is hard to beat. We’ll work with you to develop the perfect trashrack solution for your needs.

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Stormwater Needs Assessment

Stormwater Concepts works with clients to help determine the optimal solution for their specific stormwater issue. Full CAD drawings are supplied to our customers and we’ll work with you to ensure we create a product that will achieve the results you desire.


Complete Offerings

While our standard trashracks are stock items, we understand the need to be flexible. This is why we offer custom fabrication to fit any size structure. We can custom fit our standard aircraft grade aluminum alloy schedule 40 pipe according to project specifications. If needed, we can also fabricate products with additional materials such as stainless and hot-dipped galvanized steel.


Pipe, Orifice and Weirs

Our offerings are expanding to virtually any type of structure or opening that needs protection. From a 24″ pipe, to a rectangular weir, to a low flow orifice, we can provide any solution that is required.